Part of Long Island Opera’s mission is to bring high quality opera performances and opera education to local schools and community centers in LI through educational and outreach programs, expanding and fostering opera awareness and appreciation. It is our mission to provide opera education to all ages, along with a firsthand experience of quality opera performances to the communities of Long Island.

LIO introduces an outreach service for schools and communities in a personal and practical setting: to introduce the joy of opera, to give the students and communities a real sense of opera, and to lessen any intimidation toward opera in general. Some services we offer include:

  • A performance of popular opera classics (A-Z of Opera)
  • Q & A sessions for the audience as they meet the artists, get to learn more about opera history, singing, opera careers, etc.
  • Students can have an opportunity to experience firsthand an opera performance as a performer—involving them directly and unfolding their creativity.

For more information about our outreach and educational programs, please contact