The Long Island Opera is Long Island’s oldest opera company in existence.   The opera company, known today as Long Island Opera, began as a 1958 adult education course by a leading tenor of New York City Opera, Nino Luciano. Maestro Luciano, a resident of Long Island, had sung many leading tenor roles both at City Opera and abroad. Maestro Luciano presented opera performances which developed into an opera workshop with staged productions in costume.
Soon after in 1961, Long Island Opera became incorporated as a 501(c)3, and began performing operas such as Madame Butterfly, La Traviata, and I Pagliacci at various locales in Nassau County.  Following Luciano’s leadership, Bernard Hart, another singer from New York City Opera became Artistic Director.  Hart led Long Island Opera for 27 years, and it thrived under his direction.
By 1985 the Long Island Opera owned the props, sets, costumes, backdrops, and scores for 26 operas and operettas in its repertory.   Since Hart’s successful management, Long island Opera has had great success as an opera company under the direction of several talented directors:  Susan Hart Rosselli, Charles Bezinover, Jon Morrel, and Webster Young.
In August 2009, Joy Berta became Executive Director committing her talents, skills, and passion for opera to revive Long Island Opera after period of inactivity.  Ms. Berta believes the Arts are a key role in building and strengthening a community, and knows how invaluable it is for the future of Long Island to experience the gift of opera.  As an artist, she welcomes the challenging lead role as Long Island Opera Executive Director, and promises the community, “You will see some of the best performances you have ever experienced.”  With the help of gifted conductor, Artistic Director John Mario Di Costanzo, she is confident in making this promise a reality to the community of Long Island.
Long Island Opera’s mission is to be a first class opera company providing a balanced repertory of the highest level of performance true to the vision of the composer. LIO’s goal is to enhance the spirit of community through the tradition of opera and magnify the artistic integrity of Long Island.
LIO In The Community
Long Island Opera is part of your community of Long Island. We seek to establish and to foster relationships and alliances with individuals, organizations, facilities, and businesses throughout Long Island. For more information about our efforts or to become part of our alliance, contact info@longislandopera.org.
LIO encourages competitions in singing, set design, music composition and other art forms to contribute to LI’s Culture integrity, and to encourage and promote local talent.